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About Me

Joshua Cameron is a professional chef with 25 years of experience across multiple facets of the food service industry. Growing up in a small town in Delaware he discovered a fierce curiosity for chef life at 12 that lead him to his first kitchen job at age 13. On that first day as a young teen surrounded by knives, fire and loud music, he was hooked and knew that was the life for him. Though he has moved on to more refined settings from those days, his enthusiasm remains the same.


Kitchen life has lead him to live and work across 3 continents, earning his stripes in some of the best kitchens in the world and has given him the skills needed to lead his own kitchens and cook for an amazing assortment of influential people. With a career that involves multiple highly successful restaurant openings, working in the #1 kitchen in the world, cooking for musical artists across North American tours, exploring the inner workings of a national corporate restaurant group, consulting for multiple independent clients and restaurants groups alike, helming the fine dining restaurant on the top floor of the tallest building in Thailand and most recently working as a private and mega-yacht chef, chef Cameron has a universal grasp on the world of food. No stranger to fine dining yet having a special place in his heart for comfort food, he takes a particular pride in his adaptability to meet the needs of his guests and clients.

Specializing in Progressive Modernist American cuisine and drawing inspiration from both his travels and the kitchens he's worked in across the world, chef Cameron takes a balanced approach to his food. Marrying the old with the new, the classic with the innovative, his food is both beautiful and entertaining but he makes sure the top priority is always deliciousness. 


About Me
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